May 29, 2024

Why Going for Fully Managed WordPress Hosting is an Amazing Decision

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There are several options to choose from when it comes to WordPress hosting in India. However, it is difficult to pick between unmanaged and managed WordPress hosting. The latter is indeed more expensive. But you need to understand the full benefits of the plan to see if it is worth your money.

5 Key Benefits of Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

#1: No Need to Worry About Day-to-Day Website Maintenance

The success of your website doesn’t just depend on new content and dealing with visitors. It also requires regular updating of plugins and themes, backup of your site, and other site maintenance tasks. These tasks, though minimal, take up a lot of your time. However, with fully managed WordPress hosting, your host will take care of these maintenance tasks for you. Not only will you have more time to focus on other critical tasks, but you will also save on third-party site maintenance.

#2: Get WordPress Support with Technical Expertise

WordPress is the most common Content Management System (CMS) with users. Although most web hosts claim to be acquainted with the platform’s quirks and troubleshooting processes, they are still far from being experts. For a smooth website experience, you need a WordPress expert that can quickly resolve issues, provide WordPress-specific advice, and ensure hassle-free maintenance of your site. These experts are available at your disposal only if you opt for fully managed WordPress hosting plans.

#3: Better Security for Your Website

WordPress sites are extremely popular. But they are vulnerable to security breaches because this platform is a prime target for attacks, especially since the users forget to update the core, themes, and plugins regularly. Most web hosts claim to protect you from such attacks. However, managed WordPress hosting provides better protection with automatic WordPress, plugin, and theme updates. Some hosts even provide Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificates and set up to encrypt the user’s data.

While the enhanced security protects your data from hackers, the regular automated backups allow a solid ‘reset’ in the worst-case scenario. A managed WordPress host provides the best quality of backups, along with the highest quality of service to preserve your valuable data.

#4: Better Performance for Your Website

A successful website requires optimal levels of load-time for the users. Any delays or issues with the load-time affects the performance of your website. With other cheaper hosting plans, you may get a satisfactory performance if the traffic is less. However, managed WordPress hosting can handle heavy traffic and ensure better performance across the board.

#5: Get More Time for Content Creation

Unmanaged WordPress hosting requires a lot of time for maintenance, website optimization, security, etc. But, with fully managed WordPress hosting, your host takes care of all the maintenance aspects. It gives you greater control over your time. Although this plan can be more expensive than other plans, it can give you a better return if you utilize the saved tome focusing on content creation.

If you are not a website owner with technical expertise, it is advisable to opt for managed WordPress Hosting. Not only will you have better support at hand, but it will also improve your website experience significantly.

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