June 25, 2024

How to spot fake instagram followers when buying?

3 min read

Instagram has grown in popularity, and so has the appeal of amassing a large following on the platform. Some people and businesses now even buy followers in hopes of appearing more popular and influential. However, many of the followers purchased from cheap or sketchy providers end up being fake accounts or bots.

Check engagement rates

The best way to identify fake followers is to check if they are taking part in engaging with your posts. Fake accounts or bots do not like, comment on, or share posts. To find your engagement rate, look at your last few posts and divide the number of likes and comments by your number of followers. The higher the engagement rate, the more real your followers are. An engagement rate under 2% may indicate a high number of fake followers. Also, check engagement at the follower level. Fake followers tend to have few to no posts of their own, follow hundreds or thousands of accounts, and have zero engagement on their posts.

Analyze follower profiles

Take a closer look at your new followers’ profiles to spot any red flags. Fake accounts often have:

  1. Default profile photos or avatars. They lack user photos and customization.
  2. No/low bio info. They don’t bother filling out bio sections.
  3. Under 30 followers. They’re not active on the app and fail to build a following.
  4. Young accounts. They are brand new or only a few months old.
  5. Very high following / follower ratio. They blindly follow hundreds of people to seem real.
  6. Lack of targeted post content. They don’t bother creating properly themed posts to match their account identity.

Any followers with multiple of these characteristics are likely fake accounts, not real users. Pay close attention to their profile details when analyzing newly acquired followers.

Check location data

Instagram accounts rarely list location data in profiles or geotag posts. They are often made in mass quantity out of click farms overseas. Check your new followers list for a lack of listed locations, especially if you have a local target audience. The mapping of their locations is provided. Fake followers will show up randomly scattered across the world while your real niche audience will be found in certain countries, cities, or regions. Drastic location differences signal shady activity.

If manually checking profiles seems too tedious, use a fake follower-checking app to analyze your followers. Apps like SocialAudit, Follower Insights, and HypeAuditor scan your followers and identify any suspicious or fraudulent accounts. They provide in-depth reports on follower authenticity using advanced AI systems and databases of known fake accounts. Most apps offer limited free checks or packages under $10 a month for more detailed checks. It represents one of the easiest and most efficient ways to verify real versus fake followers. Buy Instagram Followers at famoid are real followers.

Check for sudden growth spikes

Along with abnormal daily follower gains, check your overall growth chart for any sudden vertical spikes. Steady organic growth tends to look more like a diagonal line versus a sharp uptick. If your graph is mostly steady then has a massive jump during a short period, chances are those new followers purchased fake accounts. Authentic followers accumulate in time as you build awareness and traffic to your profile. Drastic overnight 10k follower increases just do not happen unless you suddenly went viral or purchased followers. Always inspect vertical growth for evidence of inorganic followers. A spike that dies down shortly after indicates bots that died post-purchase.